SiMEDEx Specializes in precision silicone extrusion, and finishing operations.

We offer unparalleled quality, reliability and depth of experience for your precision silicone tubing needs.

Types of silcone tubing products we can produce

No Kink


Tight Tolerance

Multi Lumen


Single Lumen

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SiMEDEX is an ISO Certified company offering unparalleled quality, reliability and depth of experience for your precision silicone tubing needs.

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About Us

SiMEDEx was started by Paul Mazelin, a medical silicone pioneer, to service the specific needs of the medical tubing field. SiMEDEx brings together possibly the most knowledgeable and skilled team of precision silicone extrusion specialists to be found anywhere in the world. Our goal is to be your “go to” place when you need guaranteed high precision and ultra-reliable quality. We excel at doing the tough stuff that other extruders can’t.

My father founded Specialty Silicone Fabricators, one of the most prestigious and innovative silicone manufacturers in the world.  Along with my brothers I literally grew up in the silicone manufacturing business.  As a second generation extruder I have the experience required to ensure that your project is a success.  And I’m not alone.  The SiMEDEx Executive team has been awarded 9 U.S. patents in silicone extrusion technology as well as silicone raw material formulation.  You would be hard pressed to find a more innovative and successful group of silicone experts. Whether it’s a quick prototype run or full scale production, you will find us highly competitive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.  We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.

“That’s MY promise.”

Paul Mazelin, President, SiMedEx


SiMedEx Now Offering Finishing Operations

Through the use of industry leading automated equipment SiMedEx now provides precision cut to length services as well as drill, punch and skive services. This, along with an ISO Class 7 10,000 certified clean room will assure that your parts will arrive ready for processing.

New State of the Art Quality Control System Comes OnLine at SiMedEx

Next generation quality control comes online at SiMedEx with our state- of-the-art Keyence Optical Comparitor. Unsurpassed for speed and accuracy, the Keyence system helps ensure your products meet exact specifications throughout the entire run.

  phone: 805.610.6444